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SNES Mini+

Posted by TransmorpherDDS - December 16th, 2018

My wife decided to give my Christmas present to me early... partly because she was having a hard time holding back her excitement to tell me about it, and also because she didn't want to go to the trouble of finding the time to wrap it in private (one of the dangers of working from home). She got me a fully loaded Raspberry Pi in an SNES shell, with emulators for NES, SNES, GB, GBC, and GBA with every single game released in America on them. It's uh... an awful lot of games to go through, and definitely better than the official stuff. Anyway, right now I'm playing through Earthbound... I've played it a few times as a kid, but never beaten it. I played a bit of Breath of Fire 1, but it's suuuper generic for the first half hour or so... is it worth playing, or should I just skip to 2? Anyway, out of those 5 consoles, which games would you all recommend?


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. . . . . . . . . I'm gonna die alone.

Oh right . . . uh . . . I still have my old GBA in a metal box that smells like crayons. I'd always need to recommend the Metroid series (Like Fusion and Prime), F-Zero, and PacMan Collection. Classics. And if you're feelin' funny, play some Cats and/or Dogs, a pet care sim game but the mini games were fun from what I can remember. Also had a Steward Little game (that brings me back) and a Hey Arnold game. From there I had Super Mario games for days. Now that I think about it, those are probably the worst games of the time or too mainstream. Oh well. You'll have to look up a rom dl site for better ones that might catch your eye. Have fun though. Living through the classic games was never a let down for me. **Should I mention I had a Cars game (the one based on the movie)? . . . nawh. Fun for me bad to the . . . everybody else.**